This training package is designed to provide a training medium for Police Officers, professional Investigators and others who are involved in the investigation of offences and the detection of crime.

It is also designed for those who may be responsible for the preparation and/or submission of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service with a view to establishing criminal procedures in the court system of England and Wales.


The programme objectives are to enable Investigators to have an understanding and be competent in the correct law application and procedures when preparing and submitting prosecution files and schedules of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service. At the end of the package the student will be familiar with and have demonstrated an understanding and a level of competency in:

The main and overriding features of the disclosure process as laid down in the Criminal Procedure and Investigation Act 1996
The application in every day practical use of the Codes of Practice to this Act

In addition the student will be familiar with the respective roles and responsibilities of:


An Investigator
An Officer In Charge of an investigation
A Disclosure Officer
Understanding the correct method of assembling schedules of evidence and following the principles of best practice in compiling the forms MG6 C D&E
Knowing the difference and recognising material of a sensitive and non-sensitive nature

The student will also be able to understand the correct usage of the terms:

Primary disclosure
Secondary disclosure
Defence statements


      Interactive forms
  Automated assessment
  Interactive environment
  Scenario training
  Inline testing
  Audio accompaniment
  Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2K/XP compatibility
  Intuitive user interface
  Proven memory retention techniques
  Low system requirements


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