The aim of this package is to provide a guide for people who are involved in the suitable packaging of exhibits for use in court.

This programme is relevant to any investigator who may be involved in handling exhibits. If the integrity of exhibits is not closely monitored and correct practice adhered to, then it is possible that cases can be lost at court.


The value of any exhibits can be expressed in terms of its potential to provide a contribution in supporting, or refuting, an allegation or its ability to provide a link in a sequence of events.

Varied cognitive retention techniques are used to maximize student potential and ensure best practice is adhered to.

Chapters include:

Continuity and Integrity
Health and Safety
Appropriate Packaging

At the end of the package students will be aware of an exhibits evidential importance and the need to ensure it is maintained in a pristine condition for subsequent scientific examination or production before a court of law.

Packaging materials include:

Nylon containers
Bottles and Jars
Paper Bags
Poly Bags


  Automated assessment
  Interactive environment
  Scenario training
  Inline testing
  Audio accompaniment
  Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2K/XP compatibility
  Intuitive user interface
  Proven memory retention techniques
  Low system requirements


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