This programme is designed for use generally by organizations that are charged with investigating offences.

This training package on identification methods is an introduction to the subject and utilizes the basic principles of law and best practice.


This training programme will deal specifically with:

The requirements of the case of R v TURNBULL
How to best utilize memories and perception in relation to identification
The dangers of suggestibility

The student has been allocated the task of obtaining sufficient information from a witness in order that they may successfully identify a person who may or may not be involved in a specific incident.

Interactive questioning is used to aid the student in learning the correct techniques for gathering identification information.

For the purpose of this programme the student has to obtain information from a petrol cashier who has reported a person taking petrol and leaving without paying. The principles of the procedure apply equally to any circumstances.

Chapters include:

Obtaining information
Obtaining a description
Building a description
R v Turnbull
Description accuracy


      Simulated interview
  Automated assessment
  Interactive environment
  Scenario training
  Inline testing
  Audio accompaniment
  Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2K/XP compatibility
  Intuitive user interface
  Proven memory retention techniques
  Low system requirements


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