This programme looks at the obligations placed on non-Police investigators and also the obligations placed on the Police with respect to the Criminal Procedure and Investigation Act 1996. Non-police investigators responsibilities are different, but an understanding of procedures will be an advantage when students are required to investigate offences and present the evidence to the Police in order that a prosecution may follow.


Following the teaching section of this package the student will be invited, given the evidence already collated during the investigation scenario within the Investigative Procedures programme, to declare which material is relevant. The student will also be invited to state how that material should be presented to the Police in a professional manner and in such a way as to cause the minimum ambiguity in the case presentation. By following these suggested guidelines the student will ensure that their investigation is not only efficient but also cost effective in that Police officers will not require to continually be calling to seek more information.

At the end of this programme the student will be familiar with and understand:

The general principles of third party
The duties imposed on non-police investigators
What the Police will do with material that you present to them
The duty imposed on you in respect of disclosure
The main aspects of the Criminal Procedure and Investigation Act in relation to disclosure.
The Police role during the course of an investigation
The type of material to be retained in the course of an investigation
The time limits which apply in relation to materials retention
How to schedule unused material
How to recognise sensitive material
What information and material should be supplied to the prosecutor
Relevant forms


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  Interactive environment
  Scenario training
  Inline testing
  Audio accompaniment
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  Intuitive user interface
  Proven memory retention techniques
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