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Central Management Console is an intuitive system for accessing and managing local and distributed devices (known as nodes) deployed in any organisation. Not only is CMC ideal for management of installed in house products but also as an integrator of other products supplied by third part vendors. Due to CMC’s configurable nature, any visual representation of your estate can be shown on screen allowing intuitive and easy navigation.

CMC’s functionality allows the user to:

 Launch chosen applications with automated data assignment
 Customise the user interface
 Drill down device hierarchy
 Navigate picture representation of your estate
 Add/Remove/Edit devices
 Execute default applications on a per device basis
 Perform real-time device status enquiry


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Typical Main Screen
The Central Management Console is a fully configurable interface for devices deployed in any organisation. When the application is first installed, the supervisor user has the opportunity to begin tailoring their system for their needs. To start, a picture background can be added to represent the first stage of a hierarchy (if that is the device structure design choice). To follow, additional hierarchy layers can be added with their own backgrounds or device icons may be placed directly on the first image surface to represent the devices deployed.

Devices and hierarchy layers can be added at any time and during use (if in supervisor mode) and so the configuration of the system can be grown over time while remaining active in its role. Large or small images may be used to tailor the system either from the image pack provided as part of the installation or supplied from other sources.

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Versatile Image Support

This versatile use of images allows CMC to become an integrated part of the organisation into which it is installed. For example, devices such as CCTV cameras may be represented as icons on the actual floor plans of the installed building or rack based PC’s may be represented as icons on a photograph of the actual rack in which they reside.

To aid navigation around CMC’s screen, pan and zoom functionality is available to help with screens
Fully configurable menus
Configurable Interface
that may contain many devices. Device icon positioning is kept in proportion to the original placement to keep relative positions correct. Device icon settings can be edited in any zoom ratio allowing fine adjustment to placing to be made.

In supervisor mode, any relevant data can be assigned to a device for use in spawning control, transport or interrogation application utilities. This information can be accessed by the user to help support the device, such as installation notes or network IP address. This information may also be used by third party applications either purchased or developed in house. The information may also be used by applications that have been developed by Actis Media such as the Remote View module that transports captured video across communications in real time.



      Customisable graphical interface
  Individual device representation colour schemes
  Supplied with map pack
  Integration of third party products
  Control 1 to 10000+ devices
  User level security
  SQL relational database
  Pan and Zoom
  Real time hierarchy management
  User defined data fields
  Optional defined data or system variables passed to spawned applications
  LAN/WAN device status checking


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