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The ‘Phoenix Engine’ is the name given to the technology that captures and processes multimedia. The Phoenix engine is not only powerful in its range of abilities but also in the way it is structured. Phoenix has a flexible connectivity ‘language’ that allows various processing objects to be combined together to perform a certain task. Because all of the processing objects support the same connection rules, they can be combined in many varied ways to produce application solutions.

Actis Media has developed the Phoenix Engine in C++ and Assembler, two of the most powerful programming languages available. Being fully multi instance compatible and a true multi threaded implementation means the Phoenix engine not only performs optimally on existing technology but also makes full use of the latest generation of processors (Hyper Threading Technology).

Being modular and using a standard module interface also enables customers to incorporate additional functionality or support additional hardware efficiently. This method leads to a high level of initial best fit for requirements and reduces delivery cost and time.

Actis Media has spent significant sums annually in development of new technologies without direct commercial requests. This ‘Type 1’ development ensures growth in functionality, experience and understanding of multimedia processing. Technology offered by third part vendors can often be incorporated into the Phoenix Engine should the need arise. Actis Media technology can also be integrated into third party systems.

Some of the more important objects developed by Actis Media include:

 ANPR analysis
 Hardware Encoder Control
 Audio Capture
 Video Capture
 Remote View
 Decision Scripting
 List Processing
 Frame Extraction
 Statistics Gathering
 Video File
 Space Monitoring
 System Environment Monitoring
 Picture File
 Data Transport
 Motion Detection

 Region Of Interest
 Frame Analysis
 Time System
 Overlay Processing
 Comms Port Processor

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