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The Recap Data Manager is a powerful event review and reporting system. Primarily for use with the Recon product line, Recap delivers extensive functionality to any organisation tasked with incident recording. With an intuitive user interface designed for accurate and optimum processing, users are more likely to process incidents with fewer mistakes and in less time – a cost saving on both counts. Recap Data Manager offers a complete spectrum of functionality for dealing with multimedia event data.

Recap feature overview:

 Automated Data Import into relational database
 Picture and/or video data including picture enhancement tools
 Fast event review
 Varied details fields
 Offence document creation
 Graphical user and management reporting with print option
 System audit trail for user security

For a more detailed list of features available with Recap, see the ‘Key Features’ section at the bottom of this page.


With the automatic import of the gathered event data, be it picture, video, both or just text details a new record is created in the Recap relational database. The database has many fields for use in recording the details of the event. Some of these fields are automatically filled from imported data, some automatically from external databases (such as vehicle identification information) and some for the user to add notes and miscellaneous information. All information is automated where possible and intuitive navigation shortcuts provided where the user must input information.

Picture clarity enhancement tools are provided in the interface to aid the user in correctly identifying important information. Uniquely, video data frames can be extracted by the user and enhanced in the same way as pictures. This extended use of tools ensures the maximum information is gained from visual data. These tools do not allow the user to actually change the data, just the viewed version – to actually change the data may compromise a trial if it is used in evidence.

Inverse video filter

Zoom into areas of the image

Recap offers the ability to highlight an area of the picture data as a ‘region of interest’ for use in an offence document. In the case of Recap being used to review data generated by Recon ANPR, the number plate area is automatically highlighted as a region of interest. The net result of this operation is that the offence document not only shows a contextual view of the offence but a zoomed area showing the vehicle number plate for easier confirmation of identity. This feature is equally as useful for offences and incidents not involving vehicles. The region of interest, for example, can be used to magnify a persons face or body.

Selecting the region of interest

Offence notice

Recap can use its relational database to access the history of events that have been processed in order to produce graphical reports. These reports are quick to run and can be personalised to each customer to best fit their reporting format. Report criteria can be extended if the default reports do not completely fit requirements without extensive changes to the program. The reports can be viewed onscreen in a variety of formats as well as printed to form management summaries of ongoing processing.

Graphical reporting

Management report

As database information grows the need for comprehensive search functionality becomes more apparent. Recap provides powerful search functionality allowing the user to pinpoint individual records or groups of records with ease. The search screen has frequent searches available as single click buttons and more comprehensive searches are achieved by providing simple additional information. The results of the search are produced in a list that can be navigated without viewing every record. To ensure security and integrity of data, an audit trail of operations performed is kept and can be used to aid proving continuity of evidence.


  Multi source compatible
  Automated network import
  Automated removable media import
  Import source identifier
  Intuitive user interface
  Picture enhancement tools
  Region of interest selection
  Video review
  Video frame extraction
  Event details
  Offence notice printing
  Comprehensive search tools
  Audit trail and review
  Graphical reporting
  Keyboard shortcuts and onscreen help for speedy processing
  Multiple image zoom levels
  Multi data format – e.g. events can include Video AND stills
  Formatted to enable full video frame viewing
  Incident categorisation


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