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The Recap Car Park is a powerful event review and reporting system targeted at Car Park management systems. Primarily for use with the Recon product line, Recap Car Park delivers extensive functionality to any organisation tasked with Car Park stock management. With an intuitive user interface designed for accurate and optimum processing, users are more likely to process stock with fewer mistakes and in less time – a cost saving on both counts. Recap Car Park offers a complete spectrum of functionality for dealing with car park stock event data.

Recap Car Park feature overview:

 Seamless integration with Recon ANPR systems
 Comprehensive Access Control management
 Conflict alerting, review and resolution
 Full integration with car park management systems including Skidata
 Black List database checking
 Intelligent stock and history tracking
 Graphical user and management reporting with print option
 System audit trail for user security

For a more detailed list of features available with Recap Car Park, see the ‘Key Features’ section at the bottom of this page.


Recap Car Park receives live data from the ANPR capture system (Recon ANPR) each time a vehicle attempts to enter or exit the premises. This plate and image data is imported into the relational database and a series of checks are performed against that data. Checks such as fraud detection, duplicate entries or exits and access control are carried out.

With a direct connection to a Car Park Management system (e.g. Skidata), Recap Car Park will execute these checks and only "allow" the vehicle access or exit upon clearing a number of criteria. If successful, Recap Car Park will instruct the Car Park Management system to permit access/exit.

Latest view

Editing a transaction

The comprehensive conflict management allows the operator to be notified and review any such conflicts prior to the vehicle entering or exiting the premises. Fraud detection is a major feature of the system. Car park ticket numbers and licence plates are matched and checked for concurrency before exit is permitted from the premises. In practice, an operator is alerted (audibly if required) and asked to review and resolve the conflict. If a vehicle attempts an exit using a ticket not issued to that vehicle, they will be declined and the operator given a chance to oversee the exit. Many other checks are carried out on each transaction such as duplicate plates, vehicle exiting but not entered, black list alerting etc.

Another major benefit to using Recap Car Park is the comprehensive integrated Access Control management. With group and user level base access control the operator is able to assign users, groups and vehicles automated access to the premises based on several criteria. Groups and Users may have separate times of day of granted access to the premises. If entry is attempted inside these hours, access is granted automatically. If outside, a conflict is raised and the operator is then required to resolve this prior to entry. User photos may be stored with their records to visually confirm that users identity.

Access Control - Users

Blacklist management

Recap Car Park can use its relational database to access the current and historical events that have been processed in order to produce graphical reports. These reports are quick to run and can be personalised to each customer to best fit their reporting format. Report criteria can be extended if the default reports do not completely fit requirements without extensive changes to the program. The reports can be viewed onscreen in a variety of formats as well as printed to form management summaries of ongoing processing.

Graphical reporting

Management report

Detailed lists of stock and historical transaction data are kept. This information may be filtered quickly by entering search criteria in simple search fields allowing an operator to track vehicles and to provide an audit trail.

To ensure security and integrity of data, an audit trail of operations performed is kept and can be used to aid proving continuity of evidence.


  Fully integrated with major Car Park Management Systems or Stand Alone capable
  Group, user and licence plate based Access Control
  Blacklist support, including import facility
  Conflict Resolution
  Intuitive user interface
  Configurable "latest view" screen to show last activity on all lanes
  Manual barrier override support
  Automated house-keeping of database size
  User configurable audio alerts per conflict
  Transaction details
  Stock, history and conflict transaction printing
  Comprehensive search tools
  Audit trail and review
  Graphical reporting
  Keyboard shortcuts and onscreen help for speedy processing
  User image importing for Access Control
  Database table export to allow for external reporting system support
  User level security supporting Administrator users with special rights
  Operator level notes per transaction


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