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Recon ANPR is the complete reconnaissance solution for applications requiring number plate recognition. The data collected by Recon ANPR is supported directly by the Recap range of products allowing captured information to be presented in full for event review.

Building on the existing robust video capture and analysis software developed by Actis Media, Recon ANPR extends functionality to allow:

 Detection of number plates
 Real-time check against small or huge databases (in excess of 100 million entries)
 Multiple reject/accept/action lists
 Remote or local information access
 Storage and/or transmission of triggered video sequence and/or images
 Wide tolerance for angle and skew of plate
 Configurable plate formatting for both local and international support


Using the powerful phoenix engine, Recon ANPR delivers efficient and robust number plate recognition ability to both local and remote sites. As number plates are scanned, data can be produced in the form of data files, picture files and video footage.

This data is then transferred in real time or by means of batch transfer
Real-time view of our Vehicle Motion Detection
Video Motion Detection
for automated import into the Recap Data Manager. The collected information can then be reviewed and acted upon by any designated user of relevant authority.

With powerful functionality combined with ease of use, Recap ANPR delivers a cost effective solution from end to end. On site configuration is achieved through a simple step based calibration wizard which automates all but the simplest of conformation questions. This process not only allows a complex software system to be installed in an efficient manner but reduces engineer training costs and time spent at point of capture. Correct initial installation reduces cost of capture site re-visits and the reliability of the captured information.

One of the most common problems with ANPR systems is the unwanted ability of the recognition neural network to read road signs, embedded overlay text or other text present in the video stream. Actis Media developed a very powerful but easy to use masking tool for configuring those areas that are to be ignored during the recognition phase of operation. With the combination of ‘Region of interest’ (ignore everything but
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this area) and ‘mask areas’ (ignore this area), the most complex video scene can be managed to avoid misread data. Mask areas are not limited to single blocks of square or rectangle areas but multiple, separate polygon areas are easily defined.

The Recon ANPR application interface is simple and clear and has two distinct modes of operation, unattended mode and attended mode. In unattended mode the system has no need to waste processor time displaying captured information as this mode indicates a system installation that is most likely at the roadside or other unattended area. Attended mode operation gives the user indications of recent captured plates and visual conformation of plate capture. Mask areas can be viewed in real time and system performance monitored easily and quickly. Authorised personnel can switch attended and unattended modes in real time to allow review of roadside systems.

To increase efficiency and accuracy of number plate recognition, Actis Media has implemented a robust vehicle detection system. Recon ANPR can use this system or interface to any other trigger (radar or loop) to aid the accurate capture of number plate information. In practice, the vehicle detection system is perfectly adequate. Vehicles travelling in excess of 130mph have been successfully captured and the number plate correctly read. Due to the flexible approach to hardware support by Actis Media, specialist cameras and frame rates can be supported if more extreme video data needs to be captured and analysed.


Recap Data Manager
communications fail between a remote roadside system and any designated data centre, diagnoses of the roadside machine may be achieved without even opening the roadside cabinet. Actis Media have provided a secure Bluetooth connection option allowing wireless system diagnosis by engineers from a distance in excess of 10 meters. Most diagnosis can be achieved without even leaving your vehicle.

All collected data can be automatically channelled to a designated support system or seamlessly imported into the Recap Data Manager. The provided data is stored in an industry standard SQL interfaced database, allowing Recap to present the data to the user in a simple and efficient manner. Recap Data Manager is designed to present data in a way that promotes speedy but accurate processing by the user. To find our more about Recap, chose the Recap Data Manager from the products menu or click here.

Applications of Recon ANPR

 Bus lane enforcement
 Red light enforcement
 Access control
 Speed cameras
 Toll booth
 Petrol forecourts
 Stolen car alerts
 Traffic surveys
 Border control
 Road tax avoidance

 Car Park Monitoring
 Airport Security
 Container Identifiaction
 Guest Notification



ANPR and related modules:  
      Unprecedented reliability due to neural network based character recognition
  Support for slow infrequent traffic to fast moving frequent traffic with speeds exceeding 130 MPH
  International plate formats or restrictions
  Real-time number plate searching against multiple small or huge databases
  Capture, storage and viewing of number plate and wider overview images (single images or video sequences) without the requirement of multiple camera views
  Initiate automated responses such as opening of barriers, email, SMS messaging, or image transmission to central locations
  Ability to perform under all lighting and weather conditions
  Reliable adaptive video motion detection
Phoenix engine:  
  Multiple capture hardware manufacturer support or developed support for required capture hardware
  Audio overlay from capture card or from separate audio device
  Comprehensive decision scripting language allowing flexibility of customer requirement
  Dynamic frame storage allowing configurable pre and post event recording of both video and frame data
  Fuzzy logic data creation and search functions increasing data accuracy under extreme conditions
  Frame marking and captioning in video including frame number, time, date, location and any desired fixed text
  Region of interest processing with polygon exclusion regions to allow areas of the video stream to be ignored by processing modules that may be sensitive to those regions. For example masking of road signs to avoid ANPR misreads
  Disk space monitoring with alerts
  Remote viewing of video source across PSTN, ISDN, LAN, WAN, Intranet, Internet and Bluetooth
  Many image storage and compression types to choose from including RAW, TIFF, PNG, JPG, JPG2000 or any required proprietary format
  Choice of industry strength Encryption including DES, Triple DES, AES (Rijndael), Skipjack and blowfish
  Many video storage and compression types to choose from including RAW, Video1, Indeo, MPG1, MPG2, MPG4, Wavelet and Mjpeg2000
  Video and data transmission across PSTN, ISDN, LAN, WAN, GPRS, GSM, Intranet and Internet
  Multiple language support
  Archive/backup to any reliable media


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