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Recon Trip is the complete reconnaissance solution for applications requiring triggers from external devices. The data collected by Recon Trip is supported directly by the Recap Data Manager allowing captured information to be presented in full for event review.

Building on the existing robust video capture and analysis software developed by Actis Media, Recon Trip extends functionality to allow:

 Trigger of capture from loop devices
 Trigger of capture from radar devices
 Trigger of capture from tagged devices
 Trigger of capture from pressure devices
 Trigger of capture from contact trigger devices
 Trigger of capture from visual motion detection
 Trigger of capture from bespoke hardware devices
 Trigger of capture from bespoke virtual devices
 Remote or local information access
 Storage and/or transmission of triggered video sequence and/or images


Using the powerful phoenix engine, Recon Trip delivers efficient and robust automatic event capture ability to both local and remote sites. As events are triggered, data can be produced in the form of data files, picture files and video footage.

This data is then transferred in real time or by means of batch transfer for automated import into the Recap Data Manager. The collected information can then be reviewed and acted upon by any designated user of relevant authority.

Radar trigger device
Typical Radar Device

Single or multiple triggering devices can be used to activate the desired data capture and with a powerful decision scripting language, combinations and rules can be applied. For instance, visual motion detection may be the trigger but only if a radio tag is NOT present or maybe a loop device is a trigger only when motion is detected and a contact trigger is set. Not only can rules be applied to devices but also to the type of media captured. A differing number of pictures, for instance, may be captured with differing event causing triggers or video captured for one type of event and pictures with another.

These flexible rules can also include other features available from the Phoenix engine. Maybe, in the instance of alarm augmentation, as well as video footage being recorded upon a suitable trigger, the installation requires regular thumbnail pictures to be captured during an event and uploaded to a web site for review using a standard browser from anywhere in the world. All of these variations are possible with Recon Trip.

Recon Trip, as with all Phoenix based applications, is well suited to both local LAN, single PC or remote installation variants with extensive tools for installation and support.

In-car, window mounted tag
Vehicle Radio Tag

Should communications fail between a remote roadside system and any designated data centre, diagnoses of the roadside machine may be achieved without even opening the roadside cabinet. Actis Media provide a secure Bluetooth connection option allowing wireless system diagnosis by engineers from a distance in excess of 10 meters. Most diagnosis can be achieved without even leaving your vehicle.

All collected data can be automatically channelled to a designated support system or seamlessly imported into the Recap Data Manager. The provided data is stored in an industry standard SQL interfaced database, allowing Recap to present the data to the user in a simple and efficient manner. Recap Data Manager is designed to present data in a way that promotes speedy but accurate processing by the user. To find our more about Recap, choose the Recap Data Manager from the products menu or click here.

Applications of Recon Trip:

 Intruder monitoring
 No left/right turn traffic enforcement
 One way street enforcement
 Staff gate monitoring
 Retail cash register monitoring
 Fire exit misuse
 Alarm augmentation
 Red light enforcement
 Access control
 Speed cameras
 Traffic surveys
 Car Park Monitoring
 Airport Security
 Guest Notification


Trip modules:  
      Trigger of capture from loop devices
  Trigger of capture from radar devices
  Trigger of capture from tagged devices
  Trigger of capture from pressure devices
  Trigger of capture from visual motion detection
  Trigger of capture from contact trigger devices
  Trigger of capture from bespoke hardware devices
  Trigger of capture from bespoke virtual devices
  Initiate automated responses such as opening of barriers, email, SMS messaging, or image transmission to central locations
  Ability to perform under all lighting and weather conditions
Phoenix engine:  
  Multiple capture hardware manufacturer support or developed support for required capture hardware
  Audio overlay from capture card or from separate audio device
  Comprehensive decision scripting language allowing flexibility of customer requirement
  Dynamic frame storage allowing configurable pre and post event recording of both video and frame data
  Fuzzy logic data creation and search functions increasing data accuracy under extreme conditions
  Frame marking and captioning in video including frame number, time, date, location and any desired fixed text
  Region of interest processing with polygon exclusion regions to allow areas of the video stream to be ignored by processing modules that may be sensitive to those regions. For example masking of road signs to avoid ANPR misreads
  Disk space monitoring with alerts
  Remote viewing of video source across PSTN, ISDN, LAN, WAN, Intranet, Internet and Bluetooth
  Many image storage and compression types to choose from including RAW, TIFF, PNG, JPG, JPG2000 or any required proprietary format
  Choice of industry strength Encryption including DES, Triple DES, AES (Rijndael), Skipjack and blowfish
  Many video storage and compression types to choose from including RAW, Video1, Indeo, MPG1, MPG2, MPG4, Wavelet and Mjpeg2000
  Video and data transmission across PSTN, ISDN, LAN, WAN, GPRS, GSM, Intranet and Internet
  Multiple language support
  Archive/backup to any reliable media


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